If You Aren’t Paying Attention to the Latest UFO News, You Really, Really Should Be

“Is it possible these things are a foreign adversarial technology that somehow was developed in secret and we are just now trying to figure these things out?” he said. “It’s possible. But, there are also other possibilities as well, of what these things could be.”

(Scott Morefield – Townhall)  I’m as much a Sci-Fi fan as most anyone. I’ve read my fair share of Orson Scott Card books, seen all the Men in Black movies, think it’s a travesty that Firefly got canceled, and have sat through every cringy second of every lame attempt to improve on the original Star Wars trilogy, but until the past few months, I’d never seriously considered even the remotest possibility that humans may not be alone, at least on this planet and in this solar system.

But here we are, and if anything should unite humanity in an era seemingly as divided as ever, it’s the desire for an answer to this burning question: What in the world (or out of it) is going on with these UFO sightings? Yep, you read that right, UFOs. As in Unidentified Flying Objects, a topic, granted, typically reserved for the realm of kooks and pranksters. But what’s been going on as of late is something entirely different, and if you’ve not been paying attention yet, I strongly suggest you start.  View article →