Pro-abortion researcher finally admits in new study: preborn babies ‘may’ feel pain

Until now, most pro-abortion researchers were comfortable claiming that babies are incapable of feeling pain before 24 weeks’ gestation, which is, conveniently, the legal limit for most elective abortions in the United Kingdom.  Breaking with the majority and questioning the bias, Derbyshire [pro-choice] and his co-author Bockmann, who appears to be Pro-Life, write that the recent studies of prenatal sensory development show “that the consensus is no longer valid.” 

(Texas Right To Life)  Biased, pro-abortion researchers have long denied the reality of fetal pain.  In 2013, Texas successfully passed legislation protecting most babies from abortion after 20 weeks’ gestation, the time at which babies feel pain, although there is evidence that they feel pain much earlier….

The law remains unchallenged by the abortion industry, an indication that the science is sound and the abortion industry knows how bad abortion activists look when describing the killing of pain-capable, defenseless babies in the womb.

In a surprising development, Stuart Derbyshire, a researcher in the United Kingdom who has aided the abortion industry in denying the reality of fetal pain, appears to have changed his mind.  Derbyshire is not simply a casual abortion supporter; the professor has served as a consultant for anti-Life groups including the Pro-Choice Forum in the UK and Planned Parenthood, America’s biggest abortion business.  Despite claiming in the British Journal of Medicine in 2006 that ignoring the pain of preborn babies killed in abortion was “sound policy based on good evidence that foetuses cannot experience pain,” Derbyshire and fellow-researcher, John Bockmann, have a much different take now.  View article →

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