In bizarre prayer, Paula White declares, ‘We come against the marine kingdom…the animal kingdom…we command satanic pregnancies miscarry’

“We honestly have no idea what a “Satanic pregnancy” is or what it means to “miscarry.” Paula White probably doesn’t even know. It’s nonsense gobbledegook.”

(Pulpit & Pen)  For months, Donald Trump has been handing to evangelicals gifts from their political wish lists like no president before him, earning their rightful appreciation and support. However, the presence of New Apostolic Reformation Apostle, Paula White, continues to plague him as a liability rather than an asset.

In short, if Paula White was a snack, she would be nuts. If Paula White was a drinking utensil, she would be a crazy straw. If Paula White were an article of clothing, she would a straight jacket. You get the point. She’s certifiably insane.

White is now raising eyebrows by a patently crazy talk of binding and loosing prayers upon POTUS, in which she decrees and declares things like the prophetess she thinks she is. But in this round of incoherent babble, White prayed that “satanic pregnancies miscarry” and prayed a binding prayer against the “marine kingdom” and “animal kingdom.” View article →


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P&P Title: Trump Pastor Prays ‘Satanic Pregnancies Miscarry’ In Crazy Talk