The Greatest Ruse in History — Trump’s Impeachment

“Perhaps undermining the Democrats credibility is that they cried wolf way too often against the president. Two years of federal and Congressional probes, and the Mueller probe with 500 witnesses and $50 million spent, no evidence was uncovered showing the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. Still, this didn’t stop the Democrats for the past year claiming Trump was guilty of obstruction of justice. (A claim, funny enough, that never saw daylight in the articles of impeachment.)”

(Christopher Ruddy – NewsMax)  The Senate is on the verge of a verdict in the impeachment trial of President Donald John Trump.

Just four months after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced her “impeachment inquiry” we have learned really nothing new.

The “facts” of the case have not changed.

The president wanted the Ukraine to investigate its actions during the 2016 U.S. election. Secondly, he asked for an inquiry into Joe Biden’s efforts to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor who was purportedly seeking to uncover corruption.

After months of impeachment hearings and now arguments in the Senate trial, we are still at the first point.

No crime was ever committed. And the Democrats, in their impeachment articles and trial arguments, have failed to identify any.

The president has called the impeachment inquiry a “hoax.”

I believe it is, indeed, the great ruse in our country’s history.  View article →