Judging by their actions, it certainly doesn’t seem like climate alarmists believe their own claims

“I’m one of millions of people around the world that are convinced that Jesus of Nazareth was who He said He was. I’m confident that the evidence proves beyond reasonable doubt that He lived, was crucified, and resurrected from the grave, offering humanity its only hope of escaping an eternity of facing God’s righteous judgment against sin. If we were wrong about that (we’re not), it’s still obvious to anyone that our belief is genuine. How? It changes the way we live our lives.”

(Peter Heck – Disrn)  I know they undoubtedly see me, a climate realist, as their enemy. To the Warmers, I and every other fellow skeptic of the anthropogenic (man-caused) climate change hysterics are to be dismissed as “deniers,” or perhaps a mere, “contrarian, science mangler, doubt spreader, and denialist.”

Given that they view me with such utter contempt, I understand that it’s highly unlikely that those belonging to this religion of Warmerism will express any interest at all in my advice to them on this topic. But I’m going to give it anyway.

From far-left propaganda sites like ThinkProgress to well-trafficked blogs at Scientific American, the Warmers are desperate to figure out how to talk to those of us resisting their attempted power grab; column after column asks how to persuade us, convince us, and convert us to their cause. And frankly, I don’t think they’re coming close. So here’s my recommendation for any Warmer interested. View article →