Should we care about a Bible teacher’s lifestyle?

“One of the other frequent accusations I received, aside from the usual nonsense of me being jealous or covetous, is that writing about a Bible teacher’s lifestyle is none of my business. To the contrary, it is all our business. Ministry money is involved, the teacher’s lifestyle is reflective of what is in their heart, what they heap up and what they care about.” 

(Elizabeth Prata – The End Time)  I tweeted about Beth Moore’s lifestyle today. I knew what would happen. That does not deter me though. Here’s what I tweeted in reaction to a disingenuous photo tweet from Moore about her cutesy lifestyle.

Look! It’s @BethMooreLPM tweeting about how she likes her hubby’s camo jacket and how he calls her a raisin when she wears it! The financial reality is, she’s in front of what Harris Co. terms a “custom outdoor kitchen”, at her 4500 sf, 2 million dollar home on 45 private acres.

The most pushback on social media I receive is when I write about Beth Moore. It’s a lot. The most pushback I receive about Beth Moore is when I write about her lifestyle. It’s really a lot.

It happened in 2012 when I said that though she calls herself a conservative evangelical, she is really a functional feminist.

By functional I mean though her words deny, she functions as one anyway. I was told I was crazy to even think that. The Atlantic Monthly did a long spread on her in 2018. My stance was confirmed.

It happened in 2018 when I asked “How many Houses is Too Many?” noting that the Moores had added a 4th home to their stable of homes across the state. I wrote about her approaching the prosperity preachers’ lifestyle of excess, and her hypocrisy in pretending otherwise.

It happened in 2020 (today) when I tweeted about her hypocrisy of lifestyle, and the tsunami of negative tweets pushing back came rolling in.  View article →


Beth Moore