Global Awakening or Global Darkness?

“After posting the last two videos of what’s currently going on at Bethel, I received a lot of comments on Instagram and Facebook from Charismatic/Pentecostal brothers and sisters in Christ who expressed that “EVEN THEY” can see that what Bethel is doing is not of God & is completely unbiblical. That truly speaks volumes to me and I hope that speaks volumes to those at Bethel too.”

(Churchwatch Central)  Over the last few days there’s been some bizarre videos doing the rounds on social media in regards to an event in Bethel Redding – an event where we see NARpostle Randy Clark clearly ‘imparting’ something incredibly dark and demonic. The event was part of Randy Clark’s Global Awakening (‘Voice of the Prophets, Come Dream Again’) movement – and of course we should never be surprised to see Bethel Church, Redding and Bill Johnson partnering with such unbiblical events.

Randy Clark, founding leader of Global Awakening, states:

“I started Global Awakening on the belief that God uses the little ol’ me’s of the world to do amazing things. It’s not about being the most qualified, most gifted person; if you are willing to take a risk with God, He will use you to awaken others to all that Jesus is. My staff and I have created opportunities to help you in this journey, so let’s get started!”  (Archived source)

“AN ATMOSPHERE FOR THE HUNGRY” they claim! Hungry for an ‘encounter’, these poor wretched followers of Randy Clark (and Bethel’s Bill Johnson) will certainly fall for the lies these wolves proclaim:

“We have learned that having an encounter with God bypasses our filters and gives us a supernatural lift, changing us in an instant. Global Awakening conferences are designed to provide that opportunity. We understand disappointment, but we have pressed through and found that there is lift on the other side of encounter. Our events are meticulously designed to provide an atmosphere where you can dream again, where you can join hands with like-minded believers, and where you can be positioned for lasting change. Come hungry, and God will take care of the rest.” (Archived source)  View article →


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