Republicans Troll Democrats Into Oblivion Over Iowa Caucus Disaster. Here Are The Best Responses.

“After the debacle in Iowa, WHERE NOT A SINGLE VOTE HAS BEEN REPORTED, it’s abundantly clear that Democrats are the single greatest threat to election security and integrity in this country. Not Trump, not Russia, not Ukraine. Democrats.”

(Paul Bois – Daily Wire)  The Democratic Party Iowa caucuses on Monday night unfolded like an AFC playoff game in which the NFC team somehow came out the winner. As the hours ticked well past midnight with no precincts reporting the results, allegedly due to a faulty app, President Trump and the Republican  Party were handed victory on a silver platter as the nation watched Democrats implode under the weight of gross incompetence.

On Twitter, as the reality began to sink in that Democrats would be coming away empty-handed, Republicans seized the moment to troll their political rivals into oblivion. Not a punch was spared.

“Somewhere, deep in his richly-appointed underground lair, Michael Bloomberg takes a swig of a 16-ounce Coke, a drag from a cigarette, and smiles while caressing his 12-gauge shotgun. His diabolical plan is working to perfection,” tweeted Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro. View article →