James MacDonald Launches New Ministry & Home Church Network

Julie Roys reminds us that “Last November, the elders at Harvest Bible Chapel formally disqualified MacDonald from public ministry, saying his behavior did not meet the standards for leadership outlined in Scripture.” MacDonald hasn’t taken the Harvest Bible Church elder’s rebuke seriously, as we now learn that, even though they disqualified him from ministry, “James MacDonald Ministries… announced on the website a planned tour of the Holy Land in November 2020. There’s also a form on the site for pastors who want to be trained in ‘better biblical preaching.’ And there’s a form to fill out to invite MacDonald to speak at your church or ministry event.”

Apparently the prideful pastor has chosen to ignore wise biblical counsel and has decided to do things “my way.”

Here’s Julie Roys’ report:

About a year after being fired from Harvest Bible Chapel for conduct “harmful to the best interests of the church,” disgraced former pastor, James MacDonald, has launched a new online ministry and Home Church Network.

MacDonald’s new website features dozens of video sermons recorded during MacDonald’s more than 30-year tenure at Harvest Bible Chapel. More than 50 of the sermons were uploaded to YouTube yesterday.

MacDonald had been in arbitration with Harvest Bible Chapel for rights to his sermons. I reached out to Harvest, inquiring about whether the church and MacDonald had reached a settlement, but the church did not respond. I also reached out to MacDonald, but he did not respond either.

According to MacDonald’s website, MacDonald’s new Home Church Network (HcN) will provide people who “struggle to get to church or to stay in church,” a non-traditional way to do so.

For leaders who qualify, HcN says it will provide a video Bible teaching recorded specially for home groups. HcN also promises to include worship from “some of the most loved and widely appreciated worship leaders in the world.” View article →

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