Wuhan Ordered to Put Coronavirus-Infected Residents in Mass Quarantine Camps

Wuhan’s lockdown has already caused a shortage of testing kits, hospital beds, and vital medical supplies. Residents have been forced to walk the streets to reach hospitals, but many have been turned away without so much as a test for the virus ravaging the isolated city.

(Nate Church – Breitbart)  The Chinese government announced a new policy in Wuhan Friday to isolate individuals testing positive for the novel coronavirus ravaging the city in what the New York Times is calling “quarantine camps.”

The senior Chinese official tasked with coronavirus response reportedly ordered Wuhan authorities to “set up a 24-hour duty system” to prevent further spread of the deadly coronavirus.

“During these wartime conditions, there must be no deserters,” Sun Chunlan said, “or they will be nailed to the pillar of historical shame forever.”

The city has raced to comply with the order, erecting makeshift “mass quarantine shelters,” including one in a sports stadium, an exhibition center, and a building complex.  View article →