Latest SBC Fiasco Is What Happens When Leaders Ignore Discernment Ministries

“This giant mess of a problem caused by Uth’s speaker’s lineup was 100% avoidable and 100% predictable if only SBC leaders had listened to discernment ministries like Pulpit & Pen and Justin Peters (who wrote a detailed series on the problems with David Uth). Instead, they chose to “kick against the pricks” (Acts 26:14), insisting on doing things with no regard for the opinion of people gifted with the ability to discern truth from error.”

(Pulpit & Pen)  David Uth was elected as SBC Pastor’s Conference to the sound of thunderous applause. Nominated by leftward-drifting former SBC president, James Merritt, and father of prominent homosexual journalist, Jonathan Merritt, Uth had already been on the radar of Pulpit & Pen for several years.

We first noted Uth’s penchant for inviting troublesome speakers to fill the pulpit when he had Seventh Day Adventist cultist, Ben Carson, speak at his church, FBC Orlando in June of 2014. After Ben Carson was invited – and then disinvited – to speak at the 2015 SBC meeting, we reported that it was David Uth who rebuked the Convention for being closed-minded. In June of 2016 we reported that David Uth invited pro-homosexual clergy to speak at his church after the Pulse nightclub shooting, and stood by applauding when a preacher said that homosexuals were the chief cornerstone of the church. His church then laid hands of anointing on homosexuals present, praying God to bless their lifestyle, a controversy that went on for weeks and ended with David Uth praying that God would take the lives of discerning Christians because they complain so much. We then reported the foolishness of Uth being chosen as the 2020 SBC Pastor’s Conference President in light of his history of inviting cultists and pro-gay preachers to speak from his pulpit (in a post with 37.4 thousand Facebook shares, it had wide circulation). View article →