John MacArthur Warned Moody Years Ago About James MacDonald, Emails Reveal

“Despite [Jerry] Jenkins’ assurance to MacArthur that he would “follow through” on a “promise to not reveal to (MacDonald) the specifics of your communique to me,” Jenkins forwards the subsequent email from MacArthur and previous thread to MacDonald.”

(Julie Roys)  Eight years ago, prominent author and pastor, John MacArthur, strongly warned the Moody Bible Institute about its association with now-disgraced celebrity pastor, James MacDonald. This is according to email correspondence I recently obtained between MacArthur and Jerry Jenkins, author of the best-selling Left Behind series of books, and then-chairman of Moody’s board of trustees.

“The conflicts James needs to resolve involve serious concerns that others besides me have raised about his character and doctrine,” MacArthur wrote on  November 12,  2012. “The controversy is increasingly public. It involves charges against him from people who are or have been part of his ministry.”

Moody apparently disregarded the warning. Just two months after the email exchange, Moody published a book by MacDonald called, “Authentic: Developing the Disciplines of a Sincere Faith.” The institute also continued airing MacDonald’s radio program, Walk in the Word on the Moody Radio Network for another seven years. (Moody stopped airing the program in January 2019, when MacDonald pulled Walk in the Word from radio and TV. Moody Publishers stopped selling MacDonald’s books on February 19, 2019, about a week after Harvest Bible Chapel fired MacDonald.)

According to the emails, the exchange between Jenkins and MacArthur was prompted by MacArthur objecting to speaking at Moody’s Founder’s Week in 2013 if MacDonald was also on the program. View article →

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