LGBTQ Group Boycotts St. Patrick’s Day Parade Because They Won’t Allow Them to Turn it Into a Gay Pride March

“Cummings isn’t going to allow militant homosexuals to rebrand their march and overtake it for their homosexual purposes. They already have the annual gay pride march, the Thanksgiving Day parade, the women’s rights march, and the Martin Luther King parade for that. Leave this one alone.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  An LGBTQ “pride” group in NYC, Pride Center, is calling on local businesses in the Staten Island area to boycott the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade because the parade organizers — a local Catholic group — won’t allow them to turn the parade into a gay pride march.

GCN reports that the group has applied at least twice to march in the St. Patrick’s day and has been denied each time. Larry Cummings, the president of the Ancient Order of Hibernians who organizes the parade said, “Our parade is for Irish heritage and culture. It is not a political or sexual identification parade.” View article →


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