Stop It People! Democrats Deserve Bernie Sanders!

“In 2020, a Trump/Sanders contest will make the most honest, direct, and open debate our political body has observed in many decades of what ideas actually mean. … Should people get to keep what they earn? Or should they be forced to give $7 out of every $10 they earn to a centralized “Kremlin” that will then dole out “free benefits” to the people (usually on the basis and preference of the whim of those in power)?”

(Kevin McCullough – Townhall)  If Bernie Sanders continues his undefeated win streak in 2020 he deserves to be the Democratic nominee for president.

So why all the agita?

He’s undefeated through three contests. He’s growing his coalition and base of support. And he’s staying on message.

How is this a mystery to people?

In the modern era, he is also the culmination of what left-leaning politics has been yearning for.

Face it, barring some radical recalibration, John F. Kennedy was the last moderate Democrat our society will likely see.

From economic policy—be it taxes, government control and regulation—every Democratic administration since Kennedy got oppressively worse.

Republicans—typically content with only incremental changes to those policies—consistently treaded water or lost ground minus the Reagan and now Trump eras.

But for what looks like a first in a very long time America is going through a bit of a political purification.  View article →