Gaia Goes to Church: The Revival of an Ancient Pagan Goddess

“Lovelock’s new Gaia [Guy-uh], now dressed in the fashionable garb of scientific formulation, seeks to again have us believe that our planet Earth is a living creature—as the ancient Greeks believed. It is no longer just a mass of rock, water and air providing a home for billions of individual forms of life. Instead, the planet and all life upon it are to be understood as a single, interconnected whole: a living, breathing, and thinking organism.”

(Sarah Leslie – Herescope)  A new morality is forming based on an old spirituality. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders described the environmental crisis as a “moral imperative” during a Democrat Party presidential debate. The recent Amazon Synod of Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church invoked Pachamama, a “Mother Earth” goddess, as Pope Francis considers adding a new sin, an “ecological sin.” Gaia, an ancient fertility goddess, has provided a spiritual metaphor for climate change since the late 1980s. Climate change is a scientific issue. Climate change has also always been a political issue. The first generation of open advocates for a New World Order seized upon the climate as a perfect crisis to revolutionize the world’s governance systems. So how could masses of population be persuaded to radically transform their lives? An ancient spiritual myth was revived – Gaia. Gaia could function as a generic goddess, adaptable to major world religions as a “metaphor,” a “framing story” that could impel people to sacrifice freedom for a higher purpose — a religious cause — to save Gaia, the earth re-conceived as a sacred deity:

“…climate change is cynically used by a certain section of people to justify their political goals of steering the West away from its way of life, a way they perceive to be evil and harmful, hetero-patriarchal, and capitalist. How? Appealing to the faith-based part of human brains,…”[6]

The earth-mother Gaia is a an ancient fertility goddess, what Scripture calls an “idol,” and her association with mystery religions has not been cloaked since the rise of the New Age Movement.  View article →


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