Is Albert Mohler Doubting Himself?

While Mohler is regarded as a towering figure in the “Conservative Resurgence ” in the SBC  led by Paige Patterson and other imposing men of the pulpit, Mohler has enjoyed haunting the hallowed halls of academia and has VERY LITTLE pastoral experience. Mohler followed in the wake of the leaders of the Conservative Resurgence which was defined by a singular focus upon the issue of “inerrancy of the Bible. The Mohler ascent to the Presidency of the denomination’s flagship Seminary SBTS came in 1993 after a short 3 year stint writing /editing at Georgia’s State Baptist Newspaper “The Christian Index.” BUT prior to his position at Georgia Index, Mohler was FAR FROM a CONSERVATIVE.

(Thomas Littleton) Part 1 – Since October 2019 Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) in Louisville KY has been making Baptist news as the presumed new/next front runner to replace current controversial SBC President J.D. Greear….

Some in the SBC are facing “buyers remorse ” over Greear, the young mega church pastor from North Carolina after his advocacy for “Pronoun Hospitality” urging Baptist to live in the subjective reality of and use the preferred pronoun of transgender culture in order to make LGBTQ people “feel welcome”.

The idea of a Mohler presidency raises fears that it might deliver even more CREEP of the “WOKE”, Chrislam, Social Justice, Revoiced, Egalitarian Christianity threatening the denominations very existence in a not too distant future. Concern and growing frustration are ALREADY causing the SBC to hemorrhage both churches and members in a decades long decline that has proven irreversible thus far. This decline is also attributable to poor management of the Cooperative Program funding and programs which have resulted in big spending and negative growth for over a decade. More on these CP/NAMB problems in article two in this series.

Regarding the 2020 Orlando election, Baptist seem to be understanding that ALL these ills coming upon the SBC took place on Al Mohler’s watch as president of its flagship SBTS. Where was Al if not in the kitchen while all these ingredients were being added to the SBC stew? The question more Southern Baptist may be  considering is “Can the SBC afford more Mohler influence?” View article →


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