‘Proud Jew’ Bernie Sanders Calls Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar ‘One of the Greatest People I Know’

“In a recent debate, Sanders said he would consider moving the U.S. Embassy from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. He also said that he would consider diverting military aid away from Israel and directing it to the Palestinians.”

( – BreakingIsraelNews)  Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Senator and frontrunner for the Democrat candidacy to run for president in 2020, spoke at a campaign rally in Springfield, Virginia on Saturday, the Jewish sabbath. Patch reported that thousands of Sanders supporters attended the rally.

Omar addressed accusations that Sanders supporters, referred to as Bernie Bros, are frequently aggressive and violent.

“They will say this is a campaign about Bernie Bros,” Omar said. “If that’s the case then count me in as a Bernie Bro.”

When he took the stage, Sanders called Omar “one of the greatest people I know.” View article →