Steven Furtick Denies Orthodox View of Trinity, Embraces Modalism Heresy

Modalism is a heretical belief that rejects the orthodox view of the holy Trinity. For those who are unclear about this, you need to know that a belief in the Trinity is an essential of Christianity. It is one of the non-negotiables. Those who deny the existence of the Trinity or reject the settled orthodox view set forth in Scripture are not true Christians. With this background in mind, Jeff Maples of Reformation Charlotte has a video of Steven Furtick that makes it crystal clear that he does not have an orthodox view of the Trinity. Maples writes:

Steven Furtick is a heretic, undoubtedly. He preaches a false prosperity gospel and bilks his congregation for money….

He has made absurd claims about not only the Scriptures but God himself such as claiming that God reflects his image (rather than man reflecting God’s image), that without man, God is just an abstract concept, and denies God’s sovereignty over His own plans.

But until recently, it was at least thought that Furtick had an orthodox view of the Trinity. But, apparently not, as Furtick has spent far too much time around modalistic heretic, T.D. Jakes. Apparently, Furtick now embraces the same heresy that Jakes affirms, rejecting the orthodox view of the Trinity that teaches three distinct, co-equal, co-eternal persons of one substance, and instead replaces three distinct persons with three separate manifestations that do not co-exist simultaneously but instead changes forms at different times. View article →


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