Disney-Pixar Film ‘Onward’ Centers on Necromancy, Features Line Where Cyclops Subtly Reveals She’s Lesbian

In addition to the theme of using sorcery to meet a deceased father, a number of outlets have noted that “Onward” features a character who subtly reveals her homosexuality.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  The new Disney-Pixar animated film “Onward,” which has main themes centering on wizardry and a magic “visitation spell” to temporarily conjure a father up from the dead, also features a line where a cyclops police officer — voiced by a homosexual screenwriter — subtly reveals to viewers that she is a lesbian.

“Onward” tells the story of two elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot, who received a wizard’s staff gifted to them by their late father, Wilden, who died before Ian was born and when Barley was a small child. The staff comes with a spell that has the ability to bring him back for just 24 hours.

“Dear Ian and Barley, long ago, the world was full of magic. Over time, magic faded away, but I hope there’s a little magic left in you,” a letter from Wilden reads. “And so I wrote this spell so I could see who my boys grew up to be.”

However, in using the spell, Mr. Lightfoot only appears from the waist downward, and his sons scramble in finding out how to conjure him up in totality before the 24 hours expires.  View article →