Messianic Jews in Israel head towards breakup over the New Apostolic Reformation?

“It’s this type of suppression of facts that highlights Dr. Brown’s deliberate attempt to hide his deep connection and roots to the NAR. Is this why Messianic Jews are angry with ‘One For Israel’ being tainted by Dr. Michael Brown, Dan Juster and Asher Intrater? And this all appears to have escalated due to his involvement in the latest Todd Bentley scandal.” 

(Churchwatch Central)  It appears Dr. Michael Brown is now no longer in control of information regarding his involvement in the New Apostolic Reformation. This information appears to be coming through on three fronts:

  1. His involvement in the Jewish NARpostolic Network (specifically with Dan Juster’s Tikkun International).
  2. His involvement at the NAR Brownsville revival.
  3. His recent involvement as ‘oversight’ to the recent Todd Bentley scandal.

It’s also interesting to note that Dr. Brown felt the need to do this recent program in order to convince his followers that he is not part of the New Apostolic Reformation:

Am I Part of “NAR”?

Dr. Brown gave a particular reason why he was doing the NAR show – he mentioned he was ministering with an Israeli friend, one of the leaders of One For Israel in California [3:45]. Just a quick look at the website suggested there was a deliberate lack of credibility and witness, especially with the NAR phrase One New Man being promoted. Rather than using orthodox Christian language such as ‘church’ or the ‘body of Christ’, why would they use NAR language which is promoted throughout the New Apostolic Reformation?  View article →


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