Tim Challies Caves On Homosexuality: Says He’s ‘Deliberately Evasive’ On Its Sinfulness

“Full-stop. What is there to solve? Again, what is he talking about? Homosexuality requires solving? The heck it does. It requires repentance.”

(Pulpit & Pen)  Aligning yourself with The Gospel Coalition has proven time and again to be the death-rattle of orthodox evangelicals. Not long after cozying up to the dark-money leftist organization that masquerades as a ministry, most TGC acolytes eventually cave on important social issues.

And sadly, this is true with Tim Challies.

In a Q&A session that has Christians prying their jaw off the floor, Challies recently admitted to being “intentionally evasive” on the sinfulness of sodomy, says he’s unsure of the church’s position on homosexuality because it’s still being figured out, says that homosexuality is something “new” that Christians have to figure out, and refused to “speak broadly” on the sin because he each person is different.

In video below (zoom forward to the 26-minute mark), Challies claims made the appalling remarks:    View article →


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