What ‘deplorables’ need to recall as Hillary Clinton contemplates a comeback

“His sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton explains, was a way to “manage my anxieties.” That plays into the “Me Too” narrative and the notion that Hillary is a victim of sexism. Fox News revisited the Lewinsky liaison in a “Scandalous” documentary  and so did Kenneth Starr’s 2018 Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation. In reality, there were  two Clinton investigations, and they break down like the movies in Pauline Kael’s  Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.”

(Frontpage Magazine –  Lloyd Billingsley)  “All the party has to do is call. Her bag is packed,” writes Michael Goodwin in “Democrats’ hunt for Trump slayer may lead to Hillary Clinton comeback,” and her platform writes itself….

“She didn’t really lose the 2016 election. Trump colluded with the Russians to deprive her of her civil right to be president. Anything else is just a Republican talking point and part of the vast right-wing conspiracy.”

The Democrats are down to increasingly addled Joe Biden and Rip Van Winkle communist Bernie Sanders. In these conditions, “Clinton would have to be dead not to dream of a miracle, one that would give her the victory fate has twice denied her.” As this unfolds, Hulu comes out with the documentary series “Hillary,” prompting husband Bill to speak out. View article →