How to tell if it’s allergies or coronavirus

People get confused with the name of the virus. When you hear them say coronavirus, that’s speaking in a general sense, that’s called the family coronavirus,” she said. “There’s a lot of subsets underneath that family, including the common cold, which also can be caused by a coronavirus.”

{Matt London – Fox News) As spring arrives in the United States amid the coronavirus outbreak, some people may be having a difficult time discerning between the symptoms of seasonal allergies and the highly infectious COVID-19.

On Fox Nation’s “Pandemics and Epidemics 101,” Dr. Nicole Saphier, a full-time practicing physician at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and a Fox News contributor, answers all of the frequently asked questions about the outbreak, including how to differentiate a seemingly harmless condition from a more serious one.

“So many people are having nasal congestion and even a cough and they’re wondering, is it seasonal allergies? Do I have COVID-19? Is it a common cold?” said Saphier in the Fox Nation special.

“Here’s my advice,” she continued. “If you have seasonal allergies, you know what that feels like. That is normal for you. You know your body better than anyone else. So if you have symptoms of just seasonal allergies and you’ve had them in the past, it’s probably just your seasonal allergies.”  View article →