Social distancing for coronavirus will save lives – look at these numbers

“The scariest part of coronavirus is how fast it spreads to other people. This rate is affected by a multitude of factors but the most important ones are incubation period and contact rate. Coronavirus can have an incubation period of up to 14 days, meaning that you can have it and spread it to others while having no idea that you have it. That makes the “I feel fine, why can’t I go out?” argument null and void.”

(Liberty Vittert – Fox News)  As I hunker down for the long haul at home with my Newfoundland dog Henry, I can’t help but feel real frustration and, fine, outright anger, at the many individuals who are choosing to ignore the social distancing advisories.

Images from Clearwater Beach, Fla., Monday show thousands of people frolicking in the sun, oblivious to the clear and present danger affecting all Americans right now.

Believe me, I get it – whether it is a long-planned family vacation or a day “working from home” that you would rather spend at the beach – I really do understand. However, by choosing to ignore the social distancing advice, people are putting not only their own health at risk but the health and lives of thousands of other Americans. View article →