Doctor says he’s 3-4 weeks from developing treatment to ‘neutralize’ coronavirus

“Glanville said that he believes “social distancing” is working to reduce the spread of the virus, but that medicine is needed to further combat the spread.”

(Victor Garcia – Fox News) Distributed Bio co-founder and CEO Dr. Jacob Glanville revealed on “The Story with Martha MacCallum” Thursday that his company’s  laboratory is three to four weeks away from engineering a therapeutic antibody to combat the coronavirus.

“What my company is doing is adapting antibodies to recognize and neutralize the novel coronavirus. So this would … [be] sort of skipping what a vaccine does,” Glanville said. “Instead of giving you a vaccine and waiting for it to produce an immune response, we just give you those antibodies right away. And so within about 20 minutes, that patient has the ability to neutralize the virus.”

Glanville told MacCallum that once his colleagues are done engineering the antibodies they will send it to the U.S. military before eventually conducting a human study this summer. View article →