Americans rally around flag during coronavirus pandemic: ‘Put the flag up’

“There’s a lot of uncertainty and I think this is a way to make people feel better.”

(LifeZette)As the coronavirus pandemic continues, an increasing number of Americans are turning to patriotism to get through this difficult time.

During a press conference on Friday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) called on the people of his state to rally behind the American flag throughout this pandemic. “We’ve been attacked by this virus. We have to pull together,” said DeWine, according to WOWK. “Fly that flag every single day.”

He went on to tell the story of a seven-year-old girl whose mother emailed the governor’s office to say, “Mr. DeWine, we do not have an American flag to hang outside our home. Today after your news conference, my 7-year-old daughter made this flag for our house in honor of your request.”

“I would like to thank 7-year-old Elaina in Radnor, Ohio for the beautiful flag,” DeWine told reporters. View article →