What Pandemic? Abortion Still Open for Business

“While most of us – including the actual medical profession – are doing what we can to save lives and stop the potential spread of the coronavirus, abortion advocates across the U.S. insist on destroying even more lives.”

(David Fiorazo)  America is on lock-down. They’ve closed major public events and gatherings. They closed businesses, churches, schools, many restaurants and other non-essential services. So why does Planned Parenthood get a pass?

A majority of abortion clinics remain open across the country. Many are defying state government orders. Democrats argue the abortion business falls under “essential” services. What exactly is essential? Food, water, electricity, hospitals, gas stations, public safety, law enforcement.

But in the face of millions of Americans sacrificing in order to preserve lives, Prevent Parenthood strives to keep taking life. Banners outside Planned Parenthood abortion businesses now read: “Our Doors Stay Open.”  View article →


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