Elites have 2 priorities during our crisis: Help China and more immigration

“With the nation on lockdown is it not wise to lockout foreigners? Why should Americans be confined in our homes as legal and illegal immigrants cross our border with impunity? We don’t know the health status of these individuals. Is it wise to keep the door not only unlocked but open?”

(Capstone Report)  Elites: Lockdown Americans? Great. Lockout foreigners? Racist!

The problem isn’t that Trump wants to put American interests first or that China puts its own interests first. It’s that for decades American leaders have put China’s interests first.” — KT McFarland, former Deputy National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump

As a Coronavirus Pandemic roils America, Globalist Elites think of two things: More immigration and protecting China. What motivates the political and evangelical elites to prioritize foreign states and immigrants over Americans?

Immigration during our economic crisis

The new stimulus bill includes $350 million for immigrants and refugees. Todd Starnes sagely asks, “What that has to do with providing funding for the American people or resolving the coronavirus crisis was not explained.”  View article →