To Save the Village We’re Destroying It

“The markets…are what enable you to choose multiple different kinds of bread — from artisanal sourdough to prepackaged sliced — when you go to the shops; they are the pension which gives you a comfortable retirement; they’re the one or two holidays abroad you can afford to take each year; they are your kids’ job prospects; they are pretty much everything that makes your life and my life worth living.”

(James Delingpole – Breitbart) When all this is over we’re going to look back and see who has had a good war and who has had a bad war; who called it right, who covered themselves in glory, who showed themselves to be an hysterical bedwetter, who placed too much trust in the wrong “experts”, and so on.

Piers Morgan, I think we can all agree, has not had a good war.

Definitely on the list of those who have had a good war is the excellent Sherelle Jacobs.

Her Telegraph piece today — ‘This virus is the West’s Berlin Wall moment’ — is bang on the nail.

She writes:

“To put lockdown in the most cynical terms, the Government has decided to crash the economy rather than expose itself to political criticism.”

Yes. One of the lessons we’re going to learn in the aftermath of this crisis is that too many governments — including Britain’s — set far too much store by the dubious prognostications and dodgy models of their house scientific “experts”; and paid far too little attention to the economic and socio-political implications of what these overcautious, skin-saving, hidebound, model-dependent “experts” were advising us to do on the basis of their shaky scientific hypotheses. View article →