No, New York City Has Not Been Turned Into an Apocalyptic War Zone

“The head of surgery at New York Presbyterian told NBC News New York that while the number of patients on ventilators has more than doubled, they still have the necessary resources to deal with the issue.”

(Todd Starnes – Townhall)  Contrary to the narrative being advanced by the Mainstream Media and Democrats, the nation’s largest city has not been divided into competing districts like some sort of dystopian movie.

There is no disputing that the coronavirus has caused suffering and death across New York City. There’s also no disputing that the virus has upended millions of lives and disrupted the city’s economy.

But is the city in the throes of an apocalyptic nightmare as has been portrayed by Democrats and the Mainstream Media? Have hospitals really been turned into war zones?

Mayor Bill de Blasio predicted as many as 4 million citizens would contract the virus. In a panicked press conference he said people would die unless the federal government intervened.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo demanded thousands and thousands of ventilators and ordered the construction of temporary hospitals to care for the massive throngs of people who would be overwhelming the city’s medical centers. View article →