FACT: Where Abortion Clinics Are Closed, Coronavirus is SAVING More Lives Than It’s Taking

(Pulpit & Pen) The Republic of Texas placed a temporary moratorium on elective abortion procedures in the wake of the coronavirus panic. Called by leftist media, the “biggest-ever disruption for embattled women’s health providers,” Attorney General Ken Paxton’s decision to close abortuaries is a common-sense provision designed to reserve medical supplies for those trying to save lives. A survey of Texas abortion and coronavirus statistics demonstrates that at least within Texas, coronavirus is a life-saving virus.

According to Abort73 (quoting the Guttmacher Institute), Texas laments 55,440 abortions per year (as of 2017, the last year with abortion stats on record. That amounts to 155 people being murdered per day in the Lone Star State.

According to the latest statistics on COVID-19 rates in Texas, there have been 27 deaths due to coronavirus.

Since March 17, the date of the first death in Texas caused by the virus, until Attorney General Paxton’s order to close the abortion industry five days ago, 1085 babies per day were aborted (estimating from the latest available figures. Since the ban five days ago, 755 babies have been saved. On average, Texas has lost 1.5 persons per day due to the virus since the first death.

To put another way, for every day coronavirus has the abortion industry closed in Texas – even accounting for coronavirus deaths – roughly 153 lives are saved.

Perhaps other states should follow suit.


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Republished with Pulpit & Pen’s permission