The Church after the Coronavirus

“There will be wolves seeking to attack the members of local church online and through various other channels during this time of separation. Good under-shepherds must guide their congregations with clear and loving communication so that members of local churches do not fall by the way on account of this trial. Here are a few things keep in mind…”

(Nick Batzig – Bible Reformation Network)  The past three weeks have proved to be an unprecedented time of uncertainty for people throughout the world. Concern over the impact of the coronavirus has seized medical professionals, the elderly, those with weak immune systems, business owners, financial institutions, non-profit organizations, and—most significantly—local churches.

This past Sunday, pastors and staff members of churches worldwide livestreamed sermons and services so that the members could join in to worship in their homes. In light of our current circumstances, a number of important questions about the nature of the church have surfaced. For instance, what authority can the state exercise over the church? Is it appropriate for churches to voluntarily cancel in-person worship? What are the best ways for pastors to stay connected with and care for their members while they are sequestered in their homes? These, and other related subjects, are important for the simple reason that the church belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ and should always be seeking to do what is pleasing to Him. However, there is another significant issue we must begin addressing—namely, how can the church best prepare for the time when the coronavirus is past?  View article →