Levin Declares: ‘Fiscal Conservatism Is Dead…Limited Constitutional Government Is Dead’

“And here’s the thing: it’s not going to help. Why don’t we embrace the things that grow the economy? Why don’t we embrace the things that advance entrepreneurship and the building of businesses and employing people and, as I say, contribute to growth.“I’m here to declare fiscal conservatism is dead.” 

(Craig Bannister – CNSNews) “I’m very, very worried,” Levin said, discussing the bipartisan $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill (CARES Act) and the Trump Administration’s plans to expand government spending by trillions of dollars beyond that.

“We are all experiencing the effects of combining a real crisis with powerful lobbying,” Levin said, warning that it’s becoming increasingly popular, among Republicans and Democrats alike, to believe that the government can solve any problem by throwing more and more money at it:  View article →