An Advantaged Disease, Indeed

“With all the blaring chyrons and death and disease counts, has anyone tried to search for the average age of the death toll from this pathogen?  It’s very hard to do—though we are told the virus more maleficently affects those over 65, and is worse with each year of age.  Why do you think this point, this fact, is not everywhere available?  Could it be there is an investment and interest in scaring all of us?” 

(William J. Bennett & Seth Leibsohn – Real Clear Politics)  As you know, the coronavirus—if you catch it, and get very sick—is a terrible thing to go through and you may even die.  The virus and the fear of it are sorely testing our medical capacity in some places.  And the body count will get much worse this week, right before Easter….

The heroic efforts and sacrifice of many doctors, nurses, and volunteer civilians are all notable and praiseworthy.  Millions of Americans are pulling together.  We all know this.  But do you know the odds of any American getting this virus?  One would think that number is easily known or available.  It’s not. A lot of digging into various municipal data portals reveals, based on the population tested, that rates can vary from, at most, eight-tenths of a percent in New York City to two-one-hundredths of a percent in Phoenix.

Did you know the chances of recovery from the coronavirus are about 98%—if you catch it?  Did you know there are models showing 50% of the population may have already had it, never knew they had it, and recovered?  Again, one would think this data would be widely available and reported.  It isn’t. What is presented widely are numbers and warnings that scare and frighten us, and we are now being conditioned to a lot of panic and speculation.  But part of the reason we are getting conditioned to a lot of panic is because of the wide range of speculation about other numbers we accept as our new fright-inducing reality, an increasingly confusing and frenzied set of numbers.  And the normalization of our panic is having dire consequences and augurs for even worse.  View article →


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