Why accepting even two million COVID-19 deaths may be better than a national lockdown

What if locking down the nation means causing a great depression lasting a decade or more? What if this economic disaster leads, as history teaches it can, to the rise of demagogues and loss of freedom? What if there are consequently millions more deaths from other causes due to economic malaise and descent toward tyranny? What if, in other words, we essentially destroy our civilization as we know it?

(Selwyn Duke – Renew America)  We’ve heard much during the Wuhan flu crisis about a “worst-case scenario” of two million dead Americans, a staggering number. But missing from the national conversation is something equally important.

What’s the worst-case scenario given our present course of action, largely locking down the country and freezing life like an insect stuck in amber?

What if worse coming to worst means a great depression, descent into tyranny, millions more dead from other causes, and a permanently impoverished nation?

Almost the entire virus debate has centered around whether the experts are correct about the infectivity and virulence of the disease and in their projections (which have often been drastically wrong). But even if we assume that the experts having the government’s ear – and there are dissenters who don’t – are absolutely inerrant in their expressed judgments, there’s a problem with just “listening to the health professionals'” prescriptions:

Like most everyone else, these individuals have only a narrow range of expertise; they are epidemiologists, virologists, infectious disease specialists, etc.

They are not epidemiologists-cum-philosophers/political scientists/sociologists/economists.  View article →

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