What do Christian say as the normal foundations of our lives are dissolving like shifting sands?

“To see every country brought to its knees by an invisible virus is stunning. The solutions we saw above are hardly satisfying answers to this humbling event. Many feel that life will never be the same. Some hope the aftermath will produce a new world community. Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called on world leaders to form a “temporary” global government in response to the coronavirus pandemic. But global unity must be based on a commonly held and convincing truth.”

(Peter Jones – truthxchage)  SHIFTING SANDS  “Lord, what are you saying during this crisis?” That is the question on every Christian’s mind. The mighty, miniscule virus is slaying thousands every day. On March 29th, Dr. Anthony Fauci [wrongly] estimated that the US might see between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths before the crisis fades.[1] Christians must yet remain calm, asking God to give us peace. Even as the normal foundations of our lives are dissolving like shifting sands, Christians say, with the hymn: “On Christ the solid rock I stand: all other ground is sinking sand.”

The coronavirus has defined a new “normal.” Those who never thought homeschooling was a good idea are at home with their children and governments that banned it are now commanding it. Someone joked that God must be displeased with us because we’ve all been sent to our rooms! There may, of course, also be some upsides. “Social distancing” may reduce promiscuity and perhaps allow prostitutes and sex slaves to escape from a life of horror. Fewer children may be slaughtered in the womb, and the irony of working so hard to save some lives while blithely obliterating others may make some join those who want to rescue the most vulnerable! Abortion rates may drop; some little ones will live and make their mothers thank God for the coronavirus.

Franklin Graham interacted with Governor Cuomo’s repugnance at the idea that only a certain kind of person should receive treatment: “My mother is not expendable, and your mother is not expendable and our brothers and sisters are not expendable, and we’re not going to accept a premise that human life is disposable.” Graham commented: “I agree with Gov. Cuomo on the high value of life and applaud his efforts to defend lives from the coronavirus. Yet he signed a law that legalizes abortion up to birth for nearly any reason.”[2] Clearly Covid-19 is challenging the way we typically think, but will it change our worldview?

Our Culture’s Answers

Britney Spears—Kiss and Hold

Britney Spears gives the following advice for the Covid-19 era: “During this time of isolation, we need connection now more than ever. Call your loved ones. Write virtual love letters…We will learn to kiss and hold each other through the waves of the web. We will feed each other and…re-distribute our wealth.” This encouraging sign of newly-discovered generosity in the mind of a multi-millionaire is contrasted by the soccer stars in Spain who earn from $250K to $500k a week, yet refuse to take a wage cut to help their team survive the cancellation of games.

Idris Elba—A Self-Healing Earth

The actor Idris Elba, who recently tested positive for coronavirus, is calm because he believes the Covid-19 virus is simply the earth taking revenge for climate change. As a representative human, who is one with nature, he is nobly taking the hit. “We damaged our world, and it’s no surprise that our world is reacting to the human race…So [what] any organism would do is try to get rid of an infection, so maybe this is it for the world.” For Elba, the real disease is the human race. This is stated even more clearly in the chant by the anti-global warming lobby, called Extinction Rebellion:

Earth is healing. The air and water is clearing. Corona is the cure. Humans are the disease! 

Such an ideology does nothing to motivate us to relieve the sorrows and diseases of our neighbors in this pandemic scourge, better named a purge, according to Elba.   View article →


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