China goes gaga over pro-UN ‘One World’ program

“As celebrities praised the nurses and doctors on the front lines, a very worthwhile endeavor, WHO’s blatant lie about the harmless nature of coronavirus was never mentioned, even though it has led to killing fields on a massive scale as mostly poor and elderly souls suffering from cough, shortness of breath, and fever succumb to the deadly disease. They are dying alone in many cases without their families.”

(Cliff Kincaid – Renew America)  In cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN agency that paved the way for the coronavirus global pandemic, a group calling itself Global Citizen sponsored a bizarre “international broadcast” on Saturday in collaboration with singer Lady Gaga that featured “the world’s leading musicians, comedians and humanitarians.”…

This was a classic case of misdirection away from the main source of the problem – the United Nations, which backed Communist China’s brutal forced abortion policies before its World Health Organization repeated Chinese propaganda about the coronavirus not being transmissible between people.

“It was the biggest celebrity gathering so far during the pandemic,” gushed Mike Allen of Axios.

While there were some inspiring performances, such as the rendition of the song “The Prayer,” the association of the broadcast with the UN’s World Health Organization tainted the entire extravaganza.  View article →


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