Lockdowns may have been unnecessary, says Rush Limbaugh

“I’m the guy that’s been warning everybody about who the Democrats are and the modern-day leftists, but I swear, I don’t know how much more I can take of a political party and its governors actually attempting to extend this damage, to prolong the harm that is occurring to average, ordinary people. It is amazing to watch this.” 

(WND)  Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday said new data suggests the lockdowns may have been unnecessary because the coronavirus infection rates were far higher than previously reported, meaning it was not nearly as much a threat to life as feared.

But orders from Democratic governors are going to stay – or even get worse – because of politics, he told his listeners.

“Folks, I’m gonna tell you, I told you when I first got back here after being out for two weeks that the first thing when I was doing a discussion of the models, the big debate whenever this is over is was it necessary? And the more information that we gather, it is beginning to look like it was not necessary to shut down this economy,” he said.

“And, furthermore, that it is certainly not necessary to keep it shut down. But these Democrat governors are hell-bent on keeping it shut down. I’ll guarantee you they’re on orders from on high. This is part of the presidential campaign, for this economy to become as weak as they can make it, for more and more people to lose their jobs, that’s how they think they’re finally gonna get Trump. This is their effort to do what Mueller failed to do, what Adam Schiff failed to do, what the Kavanaugh attacks failed to do, what Stormy Daniels failed to do and what Michael Avenatti failed to do. They’re salivating over this.” View article →

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