Oregon Lockdown Ads: Leaving Home Might Make You A Murderer

“Numbers” cites no authority or study for its doomsday predictions, and I haven’t found any models or studies suggesting such a catastrophe as roughly 58,800 (1.5 percent of 4.2 million total residents) COVID-19 fatalities in Oregon, or a rate of child fatalities even visible in the bar graphs. The  state’s own latest projections suggest a total of fewer than 400 Wuhan flu-related deaths by May 17. 

(Georgi Boorman – The Federalist)  Oegon’s “Stay Home Save Lives” campaign aim to keep Oregonians compliant with Gov. Kate Brown’s coronavirus lockdown through falsehood, fear, and guilt.

A 60-second video titled “Accidental” has garnered more than 2.8 million views on YouTube, not including when it plays as an ad before other videos.

By the alarming tone it strikes with its block-lettered assumptions overlaying somber black and white pictures, you’d think Oregon’s health authorities were begging citizens with a hankering for human flesh not to chew their neighbors. It opens with a question we apparently all should be asking ourselves daily: “Did you accidentally kill someone today?”

“You’re already extremely contagious” before COVID-19 symptoms manifest, it states, before claiming that every infected person will infect three more people, contributing to an exponential growth curve and leaving hospitals with more patients than they can treat. Lest the brain-munching zombies of Oregon forget the crucial question put to them 45 seconds ago, the pandemic iteration of “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” soon follows: Do you want to kill someone today?

“Don’t accidentally kill someone,” it warns, as if reminding us not to stick our hands in a wood chipper. “Stay home. Save lives.”    View article →


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