12-Year-Old Drag Queen Pimped Out To Perverts For $20 A Pop

“Desmond and his mother have been subject to repeated calls to Child Protective Services as a result of his actions and his mother’s behaviour, at one point encompassing several different agencies and having 200 open cases about him.”

(PNP)  In news that should make anyone’s skin crawl, 12-year-old ‘drag qeeen’ Desmond Napoles’ (Stage name Desmond is Amazing) mother has found a new way to exploit her son and gain a new source of revenue, which is online meet and greets. We say it’s his mother’s idea, as Wendy Napole’s runs all Desmonds social media accounts. She’s his media manager and talent agent, overseeing the marketing and image of her son, including all gigs and projects.

For the uninitiated who don’t know who Desmond Amazing is, we included this straight from his website.

“Desmond Napoles (stage name: Desmond is Amazing) is a 12-year old drag kid, awarded LGBTQ advocate, outspoken gay youth, editorial and runway model, public speaker, performer, founder of his own drag house: the Haus of Amazing, fashion designer, film and TV actor, published author, muse, legendary up-and-coming member of the original pioneering voguing house, the House of UltraOmni, and icon from New York City. Most importantly, he is an inspiration to many and a representation of hope for the future to come.  View article →


Desmond Napoles

Drag Queens


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