We cannot let this continue…

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announce introduction of public housing legislation as part of the Green New Deal. Reuters/Erin Scott-RC29BD93D4KZ

“Here are just a few of the messages the radical promoters of the Green New Deal were issuing on how to use the Coronavirus tactics to promote their green agenda.”

(Tom DeWeese – Renew America)  I am outraged by what the Progressive Democrats are attempting to do while the nation has been experiencing a crisis.

As you know, Nancy Pelosi and her ilk used the pandemic emergency to try to sneak their own radical agenda into the emergency recovery bill. Specifically, they pushed their attack on private business, private health care and private property as an attempt to enforce the radical Green New Deal. But that is just the beginning!

Now, as the crisis begins to subside and people are looking forward to getting their lives back to normal, the forces behind the Green New Deal are preparing to push even harder to put it into law, especially on the local level.

Once the current threat passes, the Sustainable forces are going to rush into the void to keep much of these emergency powers in place. View article →


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