God calls us to wisdom, not conspiracy theories

“Sharing these unfounded conspiracies as truth is not a morally neutral act in the same way that gossiping isn’t morally neutral. Gossip is sinful. What are conspiracy theories but gossip to the next degree? As Christians we should play no part in spreading gossip and lies, in ruining reputations without ensuring what we are sharing indeed is the truth.”

(Joseph Hamrick – Herald Banner) I have been reflecting on this verse in light of the sheer volume of conspiracy theories that have come across my Facebook newsfeed over the past few weeks.

Coming across conspiracy theories is part and parcel of the online age.

Conspiracy theories breed on the internet, and they are shared and accepted by those looking to agree with anything outside the mainstream. Most of the time, these conspiracies spread only so far as the hosts who dwell on the fringes of the internet. JFK; Moon Landing; 9/11 – the usual suspects.

However, during this pandemic, with more people home – and therefore online for a longer duration, and growing not a little stir-crazy from extended shelter-in-place orders, these conspiracy theories have found a slew of willing hosts to infect. Namely, those conspiracy theories related to the current pandemic caused by the coronavirus.  View article →


Why conspiracy theories shouldn’t matter to the Christian


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