How can NBC not suspend Chuck Todd?

“There is no one with a functioning brain that thinks the decision to end Barr’s statement mid-thought was done without any knowledge of what he went on to say. To insult people’s intelligence like that betrays NBC has no intention of taking this seriously.”

(Peter Heck – Disrn) The power of selective video editing is real and profound. Whether simple maneuvers like eliminating the inclusion of surrounding context, or more complex manipulations involving cutting, splicing, and merging, the ability of media to create a false narrative or misrepresent reality has never been so formidable.

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Examples abound, but perhaps the most eye-opening illustration of it that I’ve ever encountered was this video project introduced to me several years ago at a media conference. Video-maker Peter Javidpour had taken snippets of the beloved family-friendly flick Mrs. Doubtfire and recast them perfectly to create the trailer for a modern psychological horror film:  View article →


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