We Were Created to Work and Worship, Not Isolate

“You can find alcohol, pornography, or marijuana, but can you find a prayer meeting? And what’s wrong with this picture? Abortion businesses have also stayed open – because in our “civilized” society, those in power determined it is essential to have access to murder your unwanted offspring. But the right to freely and peacefully assemble with those we love in the comfort of our churches is denied.”

(David Fiorazo)  It’s been well established that work and human interaction is vital to our overall health. But who saw this coming?…

Back in March, we were told that in order to avoid catching the coronavirus and prevent hospitals and medical workers from being overrun, entire states had to follow mitigation strategies recommended by national disease specialists.

Governors got heavily involved. Shelter in place orders were given state by state and social distancing protocol has been practiced. But these were supposed to be temporary orders that people stay in their homes and avoid traveling, with the exception of acquiring necessary items, such as groceries and gasoline.

And the U.S. unemployment rate is now up to 14.7% – the worst since the Great Depression, the media gleefully keeps reminding us. In addition, experts are predicting a spike in suicides and a substantial increase in depression. We’re already seeing it. Consumer confidence is way down and sales of alcohol are way up.  View article →


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