Judge rules Christian agency must allow non-Christians families to adopt

On May 8, U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Cain said Miracle Hill’s withholding of an adoption to Eden Rogers and her “wife,” Brandy Welch, violated their 14th amendment rights to equal protection from religious discrimination. The couple’s victory was not total, however, as Cain rejected their claim they were discriminated against based on sexual orientation.

(Christian Action Network) If an adoption agency doesn’t work with non-Christian adopters, and you are not Christian, you look for a different one, right?

Not if you’re a non-Christian lesbian couple looking for a cause.

And not if you can get one leftist U.S. District Court judge on your side, who can’t wait to deny a Christian organization its right to exercise religious principles.

One such judge dealt a blow last week to South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster and federal officials alike, declaring that a Greenville, S.C.-based nonprofit must place adopted children with non-Christian families, the Charleston Post and Courier reports.  View article →


Homosexual Agenda

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