Does This CDC Study Deliver the Knockout Blow in the COVID Lockdown Debate?

“Does this CDC study deliver a death blow to those who want to stay inside until there’s a cure? Probably not, but to the wider electorate—It’s could be quite a different take, especially those running family-owned businesses who have been brutalized by this pandemic. These folks would rather risk infection than lose everything, and based on this new data set, I don’t blame them.”

(Matt Vespa – Townhall)  For weeks, the nation’s economy has been under lockdown to curb the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus. It’s contagious. That’s true, but in the span of a few days, the entire COVID narrative has virtually collapsed….

We still don’t have enough testing regarding antibodies, though preliminary results show that the infection rate could be immensely higher than what is reported, with higher recovery numbers. It was said to be spread mostly through surfaces. That was revised on Thursday:

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Georgia has re-opened and no Armageddon has followed. Florida was supposed to be a graveyard by now. It’s not. Eight weeks in, COVID case and deaths remain lower than other hard-hit areas along the Acela Corridor. In the meantime, we’ve had Democratic governors used the virus to carve out power grabs. There is no reason for Michigan Gov. Gretchen Witmer to extend the stay-at-home order until June 12th. It’s madness. I supported the lockdowns to curb the spread and prevent the hospitals from being overrun. The spread of this thing was also impacting the markets as well. Well, the curve has been flattened. The hospitals were not overwhelmed like what we saw in Italy. Mission accomplished. It’s time to re-open.   View article →


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