Lessons from COVID: Death is Certain

…through the Coronavirus, God is awakening in our consciences the reality that death is certain. The crowds come to Jesus for an explanation of these two tragedies. But He turns to the crowds, and, as it were, He turns to us and says, in effect, “These have already died. Time is up for them. What about you? Don’t you realize that your death is certain? Are you ready to face it?”

(Mike Riccardi – The Cripplegate)  The Coronavirus has taken us all by surprise. January and February seem like a lifetime ago, and who could have predicted then how drastically our world would change in just a matter of weeks?…

We are in the midst of national lockdown; we’re doing our best at sheltering in place; we’re facing a significant economic collapse as a result of it; those of us who are Christians are mourning the loss of in-person church gatherings; and many of us are dealing with the sickness and/or death of friends, family, and neighbors.

And the question that I think is on everybody’s mind to one degree or another, at some point or another, is: Why? Why is this happening? What lessons are we supposed to learn from this? What is God saying to us by shutting down the entire world with this Coronavirus?

I want to take the next few days to answer that question, particularly addressing those readers who do not yet believe in Christ, you who have not placed your trust in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus for your righteousness before God. And I want to do that because the Word of God answers this “Why?” question with a special focus on you who yet remain a stranger to the grace of Christ.  View article →


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