Laura Ingraham: Violence Is ‘A Coordinated Effort to Eventually Overthrow the U.S. Government’

“Americans are loving people, but they’ve had enough. They had enough of lockdowns and now they’ve had enough of lootings. It’s time to defend our founding principles, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We do this with respect for our fellow man, with our love of God, and our belief in the inherent goodness of mankind…”

(CNS News)  Fox News’s Laura Ingraham lives in Washington, D.C., and on Sunday night, she said she witnessed some of the rioting, including the arson at the historic St. John’s church.

“I felt like I was back in Iraq in 2006, in February, except I actually felt a lot safer on the streets of Baghdad than I did at times in D.C. last night,” Ingraham told her audience Monday night.

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