Will Rioting Arsonists Remember Planned Parenthood’s War on Blacks?

“The statistics don’t lie. Black women are only 13% of the female population in the United States but make up 35% of aborting mothers. In the inner city, up to half of the black babies conceived are killed by largely white abortion doctors who pump millions of dollars into advertising their services in black media publications.”

(PNP) As lawless criminals dishonor the memory of George Floyd be victimizing innocent people and terrorizing whole cities, arsonists have had a field day setting buildings across the inner cities ablaze….

Often failing to differentiate between black-owned businesses and others, these opportunistic fire-crickets have torched countless places of commerce belonging to people of all ethnicities.

More than 14 buildings were torched in Minneapolis and another 16 cars or dumpsters. Police stations went ablaze. Buildings were torched in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Chicago. The City Hall of Nashville was set on fire. St. John’s Church and other structures near the White House were consumed in place in Washington D.C. View article →

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