America’s Make-Believe Moment

“Let’s all pretend that hairdressers who open their businesses in defiance of ukases masquerading as laws deserve jail time but activists who pillage businesses in defiance of law and lockdowns deserve the get-out-of-jail-free card awarded them by bail reform.”

(Daniel J. Flynn – The American Spectator)  Let’s all pretend a Republican now serves as mayor of Minneapolis rather than for one day out of the last 59 years.

Let’s all pretend Democrats do not enjoy a political monopoly over every big city plagued by the worst violence.

Let’s all pretend white supremacists and Nazis and Russians destroyed American cities rather than the people who vote for the people saying white supremacists and Nazis and Russians destroyed American cities.

Let’s all pretend that one cop’s inhumanity indicts the entirety of law enforcement but many activists’ violence says nothing about the protests.

Let’s all pretend the marchers and the looters do not overlap but represent totally separate phenomena with no interconnection whatsoever.

Let’s all pretend that crime sprees that follow rallies that call for the abolition of prisons and police come as entirely unpredictable outcomes.

Let’s all pretend that abolishing prisons, an idea surely scoffed at by Derek Chauvin two weeks ago, does not now grow on him. View article →


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